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The Risks of Online Eyewear – Part 2

The Risks of Online Eyewear Part 2

The Risks of Online Eyewear – Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog we covered some of the risks to buying eyewear online, such as hidden costs, comfort and fit issues, and the lack of quality control when it comes to prescription accuracy. Here in Part 2, we’ll expand on the importance of prescription accuracy and discuss how an optician can help you find the right glasses for your particular vision needs.


Children’s Eyewear

Buying children’s eyewear online is especially risky because any mistakes in the prescription may lead to more permanent and progressive damage. Children may be unaware of any issues with their new glasses, or they may be unable to communicate what’s wrong with their glasses. It is therefore especially important to get children’s prescriptions right from the beginning.


One-Prescription Measurements

Most people’s faces are not perfectly symmetrical, which means the pupil distance for each eye is often different. Most online retailers only allow for the entry of one pupil distance measurement, while others will teach you how to take a measurement yourself. This is often a difficult task and can result in inaccurate measurements. An optician uses trained expertise to make critical measurements, ensuring an accurate prescription for optimal vision.


Progressive Lenses and Bifocals

Progressive lenses and bifocals require precise measurements for the best results, and are therefore best left to an eye care professional. An optician will measure how high to place your progressive or bifocal prescription on a particular lens. The slightest error can cause visual discomfort or symptoms like headaches and eye aches.

When you order eyewear online, you are ultimately taking on the role of a trained eye care professional. Without the proper knowledge, you could be taking inaccurate measurements and in turn putting your eye health at risk. Opticians are trained to take critical and accurate measurements to meet your unique vision needs. They can recommend the best frame that will suit your prescription, lifestyle and preferences. They can also help you adjust and maintain your glasses to ensure proper fit and comfort, and troubleshoot any issues you may have with your current glasses or prescription.

Purchasing glasses online may seem convenient but lacks the real customer service that is key to an accurate prescription and best results. At Ambleside Family Optometry, our optician has the trained expertise and knowledge to help you see your best. Every pair of glasses we provide has a full warranty on frames and lenses. We guarantee a beautiful, professionally fit frame with high quality Zeiss lenses to ensure visual clarity. Visit us to see our wide selection of eyewear or schedule an appointment today!



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