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The Risks of Online Eyewear – Part 1 

The Risks of Online Eyewear

The Risks of Online Eyewear – Part 1

There are many online retailers selling glasses at low prices, making it tempting to purchase your next pair online. But have you wondered how some retailers can offer such a low price? Is there a difference between eyeglasses you order online compared to an independent optometrist’s office? Here are some important things to consider before you purchase your next pair of glasses.


Hidden Costs

The low prices listed by online retailers are often just starting costs. A frame will often have a low purchase price because it is a discontinued style from the manufacturer. This means you will not get a warranty if anything happens to your new glasses. What’s more, the advertised price often includes only a basic lens for a low prescription. If you need an anti-reflective or anti-scratch coating, a tint or a thinner, lighter lens, there will be an associated upgrade cost. Once you add up all the extra costs, the total price is usually comparable or more than your cost at a brick and mortar optical.


Comfort and Fit

Frames need to be tried on to guarantee a comfortable and proper fit. It is nearly impossible to determine from an online photo if a frame will fit properly or can be adjusted to fit afterward. Our optician can adjust your frame to ensure optimal comfort and fit.


Prescription Accuracy

Although an online retailer can show you where to find the numbers in your prescription, they cannot help you interpret the prescription to determine what you truly need. Our optician can look at your prescription and help you determine if you need single vision, multifocal or maybe task-specific lenses.

Prescription lenses require precise measurements by trained professionals. Incorrect measurements may lead to headaches, blurred vision, eye strain, and even nausea. Not all lenses perform the same; we offer many options to provide the best vision possible for all vision needs. Coatings, blue light filters, tints, and anti-fatigue lenses are just a few options to consider when buying new eyeglasses.

When it comes to specialized prescriptions like progressive and bifocal lenses, and children’s glasses, prescription accuracy is even more critical. Part 2 of this blog covers an optician’s role in improving prescription accuracy.


Customer Service

Ultimately, online convenience does not compare to real, in-person customer service. Our optician will apply trained expertise and knowledge to meet your unique vision needs. At Ambleside Family Optometry, every pair of eyeglasses we provide has a full warranty on frames and lenses. We guarantee a beautiful, professionally fit frame with high quality Zeiss lenses to ensure visual clarity. As all glasses need to be adjusted for comfort and fit, we will gladly adjust any product purchased at Ambleside Family Optometry free of charge. Any adjustments of products purchased online or elsewhere will be done for a fee.

If you have insurance for eyeglasses, we can direct bill many insurance providers. This service will reduce or eliminate your out of pocket expense and is not available when purchasing online.

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