• Clinic Name Ambleside Optometry
  • Doctor(s) Dr. Fung
  • Location 16224 Ellerslie Road SW Edmonton, AB

Emergency Eye Visits Overview

If you are experiencing pain, redness, discharge or sudden visual changes, come see one of our optometrists for emergency eye visits immediately. Our doctors can treat emergencies such as eye infections, foreign bodies, eye trauma and help determine causes of sudden visual changes. Most of these visits are covered through Alberta Health Care.


Blurred Vision

Causes of blurred vision can range from serious issues like stroke or retinal detachment to less serious issues like dry eye or a change in your prescription. If you are experiencing additional symptoms like numbness in your face or body, difficulty speaking or dizziness, book an emergency eye visit or go to your medical doctor or emergency room right away. Even if your vision clears up, see your doctor of optometry for a full eye health exam to ensure there isn’t a more serious condition that may require treatment.


Common reasons for seeing these colourful lights in your vision can include if you have recently had laser vision correction or if you have myopia (nearsightedness) and/or astigmatism and are not wearing updated prescription eye wear. Sometimes, halos can indicate a more serious problem like cataracts, a foreign body or even glaucoma. If you are experiencing halos, contact your doctor of optometry immediately.