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Helping Your Child Adjust to Glasses

Helping Your Child Adjust to Glasses

Learning your child needs glasses can be hard for both parents and kids sometimes. Some kids get excited about new glasses, others may be nervous. Whether your child embraces or resists the change, it’s a lifestyle adjustment that requires time and patience. Here are some ways you can help your child adjust to wearing glasses a little more easily.

  1. Involve your child

Let your kid choose their new glasses, even if it’s not what you would choose. After all, they’ll be the one wearing it every day. If they can choose something they like, they’ll be more excited to wear it.

  1. Involve the pros

Make sure you have the right comfort and fit for your child’s glasses before leaving the eye doctor’s office. The optician can offer you options for comfort and durability. If your child still refuses to wear the glasses after a few weeks, consider a follow-up appointment to refit the glasses.

  1. Create a care routine

Teach your child how to care for their glasses and make it part of the daily routine. This instills independence and pride in having something to care for each day. Let your kid choose a nice case or glasses holder, and designate a special spot for their glasses when not in use, such as on their desk or nightstand.

  1. Take your time and stay consistent

Choose a time when your child is in a good mood and well rested to try wearing their new glasses for the first time. Start with short periods at first, while doing enjoyable activities where glasses can make a big difference, like reading or watching a movie. Gradually increase the amount of wearing time until your child is used to it. It can take about 2 to 3 weeks for the brain and eyes to adjust to the glasses.

  1. Keep a positive attitude

Be positive and encouraging about the new routine. Compliment your child on how their new glasses look on them. Praise your child when they wear their glasses without any reminding.

  1. Show them they’re not alone

Some kids are self conscious about wearing glasses or worry they might look less cool. Show them that lots of cool people wear glasses, like friends and family, and even Superman. Read books with characters who wear glasses, or who are adjusting to new glasses too. If bullying becomes an issue, talk with your child about ways to handle it if it reoccurs.


Like any major lifestyle change, it takes time to adjust to wearing new glasses. But if you and your child work together, the transition can be much easier and lead to a new daily routine before you know it. Your child will be able to see more clearly and enjoy life with comfort and confidence!