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COVID PPE and Continuous Eye Protection for Health Care Workers

In Alberta, healthcare workers are required to wear eye protection continuously when involved in patient care. As fellow health care providers, Ambleside Family Optometry is providing 15% off all prescription safety eyewear for all healthcare workers. 

There are many different styles of prescription safety eyewear available to suit your needs. Book an appointment at Ambleside Family Optometry today and one of our staff can help find the most suitable option for you!

Eye Injuries and Safety Glasses

Did you know, according to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, over 700 Canadians suffer an eye injury at work every day? Outside of work, many people also suffer eye injuries from doing simple activities like mowing the lawn, cooking or a DIY project. A vast majority of these eye injuries can be prevented by wearing proper safety eyewear.


What is safety eyewear?

Safety eyewear is different from your everyday or “dress” eyewear because they must meet certain criteria laid out by CSA standard Z94.3. These can be goggles or glasses with side shields. Some styles of safety glasses have removable side shields. All safety eyewear that has passed CSA safety certification will be labeled with “CSA” on it.

There are certain tasks where you might want full seal protection – perhaps you are handling some dangerous liquids or you may encounter flying debris. In this case, safety goggles are an option. Another option is safety glasses that have a foam insert around the eyes.

CSA certified protective eyewear can be found at your local hardware store if you do not require a prescription. However, if you wear glasses already, putting a pair of safety glasses over top can be uncomfortable or cumbersome. Prescription safety eyewear may be an option for you. Book an appointment with us today to find out more.